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Guiding Conversation with the Spirit Realm

Article nr 6
30 min


60 min


The Guiding Conversation with the Spirit Realm is based on your energies, your being here, in this linear space and time and the answers you are looking for to move you forward on the Path of Life.

The conversation evolves from your questions and the answers are conveyed with the help of tarot, runes, pendulum and channeling the Spirit Realm's energies.

Guiding conversation with the
Spirit Realm 60 min

This session also includes tips and exercises on how to best manage your energy in order to get a boost on your walk on the Path of Life. 

Wisdom of Mother Pinetree
​​​​​​​Vibrational Coaching

Article nr 7
1 session 75 min


5 sessions


Do you feel that your spirit is not in sync with you and your Path of Life? Can it be that you plan with your mind, but you orient yourself with your spirit or vice versa?

No matter where you have your imbalance, your vibration is affected.

I will give you the tools to stop being a leaf in the wind and take control of your vibration, energy and your inner power. You softly align with your spirit, which helps you to make yourself clearer to yourself and your surroundings. That way you will create a harmonious vibration and you will enter the synchronicity you have longed for.

All ours sessions on zoom will be recorded for you. 

The Runic Oracle

Article nr 8
​​​​​​​zoom session included

1 950SEK/€195/$235

The Runic Oracle interpret the signs of time. It gives a snapshot of your life here and now. The Runic Oracle touches areas of life, such as spirituality, life orientation, relationships and obstacles that stand in your way, in relation to you and your energies.

It shows where you have your strengths and weaknesses. How you can move forward on the Path of Life in the best way.

The Rune Oracle includes the power of the name in relation to the four elements, the spirit animal associated with your birth rune and the aspects of your year and birth rune, respectively.

Soul's Painting 

Article nr 9

8 000SEK/€800/$955

All souls are unique, so even every Soul's Painting. The  Soul Painting is created during a series of journeys in the shamanic drums primordial vibration.

t is painted exclusively for you. It tells a story about you, your soul's journey in creation and gives you insights into who you have been and who you are.

The Soul's Painting is 50x50cm or 80x80cm and is delivered together with symbol interpretation and a personal channeling to you (approx. 4-6 pages).

The Power of Healing

Article nr 10
Session without drum,
zoom session included



A pure intuitive, energy transfer of healing and purifying energies channeled from the Spirit Realm. This channeled healing power follows no method or specific form - it just IS.

The energy seeks its way to where it is needed. Balances up where imbalance prevails. It helps the body to return to Neutral Zero, ie your Original Vibration.

It starts a self-healing process in You, which continues to work in you for 3-5 days after the session
It makes you relaxed, it fills you with energy!

The Power of Healing starts and ends with an introductory conversation on zoom.

Wisdom of Mother Pinetree
The Healing Ceremony

Article nr 11
150 min
​​​​​​​zoom session included


The Healing Ceremony in the primordial  vibration of the drum is an in-depth session.

The healing power of the drum seeks its way into you and the energy stays for a few days, the process continues even when the session is over. It is your self-healing ability that is activated and works for your healing.

Included in the journey is your Spiritual Team, whose task is to guide you on the Path of Life. The session is divided into three parts: preparatory session on zoom, the Healing Ceremony and a follow up session on zoom.  

Wisdom of Mother Pinetree
The Ceremony of Incarnations

Article nr 12
150 min
​​​​​​​zoom seesion included


The lives we have lived before can have an impact on the life we live today.

Awareness of your past lives can create healing in this linear time and space - in the NOW .

The ceremony is divided into three parts: preparatory session on zoom, the ceremony and a follow up session on zoom.
You will receive practical tips and advice on how to best manage your insights into this linear time and space.

Wisdom of Mother Pinetree
The Ceremonial Divorce

Article nr13
240 min
​​​​​​​zoom session included


The Ceremonial Divorce is simply an vibrational ending. This ceremony puts an end to something that you here and now can not let go of, but know that you need to do in order to pursue your steadfast walk on the Path of Life. 

This ceremony gives you freedom and an opportunity to start on a new, unwritten sheet, no matter what.

The ceremony is divided into three parts: preparatory session on zoom, the ceremony and a follow up session on zoom.

You will receive practical advice and tips on how to manage your energy in this linear time and space.


120 min
​​​​​​​zoom session included


Okwamanje comes from Zulu and means precious moments. These are the moments we have forgotten that we remember.

This individual session takes you on a journey through your memories and resurrect them. Give them meaning and create power out of them.

We connect you with your Okwamanje Vibration and ensure that the process of understanding, healing, forgiveness and insight is fully activated. 

We ensure that you can identify and re-create the Okwamanje Vibration so that you may experience more of these precious moments in your every day life. 

Wisdom of Mother Pinetree
 Individual Day

Article nr 18

 7 500SEK/€740/$899​​​​​​​

A day created by you and for you. The content of your Individual Day arises from what you need and want. We plan the day together during a zoom session (approx. 30min) You can mix teaching, ceremonies and manufacturing in the studio as you wish.

If you want to extend your stay to days, we can arrange that too. Accommodation and food are then included in the price. Please ask for price for longer stay!

The price does not include material if you wish to use the studio to create magical tools for yourself such as a drum, rattle or amulett.

Fearless Session

120 min
​​​​​​​zoom session included


This session is for you who want to put an end to your fears.

Fear controls our decisions and hinders our success. By seeing the fear in its true form and nakedness, you can learn to control it, instead of it controlling you.

Let your fears become your tools and release the power that fear takes from you.

The session is a combination of energy work and conversations.

Wisdom of Mother Pinetree
Vibrational Coaching
88 Day Program

100 000SEK/€10000/$12000

This  vibrational coaching program is for you who want to get a kick-start from stagnation and stand in your true and full power.

For 88 days, you will receive daily inspiring messages and exercises that challenge you to control your strength and energy.

During these 88 lifechanging days we have weekly conversations of 45 minutes. A series of powerful healing sessions and ceremonies in the primordial power of the drum.

You choose whether you want the ceremonies at a distance or on site in Utsund. 1 place / month