Why do I do what I do? 

This is a question that occasionally seem to go on repeat among the ones I meet for the first time. And, I explain calmly, sometimes with a bit too much enthusiasm, but if you are in alignment with your calling and truly feel that your steps on the Path of Life are in tune with the Creation, there is no doubt. There is no fear and there is certainly no doubt. 

Living a ceremonial life and walking the talk is the best thing I have ever done. There is no room for small, little lies and there is no wish for going behind someones back. You simply do not have second thoughts. You simply ARE in alignment with yourself - all of your selves - since they have merged in to one. 

You don not pendle between your different roles. They all merge into one -  the authentical you. The you in your natural harmonious vibration. Because we all have pendled (if we don't anymore). We have been trying to adapt to those we meet and the situation at hand. We haven't been the same at work as we are at home as a mother or a spouce. 

By living a ceremonial life you simply get comfortable with your authentical you and tell the world:
 This Is Me! All Me and Nothing But Me. Deal With It!  
There is great comfort in this decision. And, there is a lot of energy and power in it too. Think of all the energy you save by simply not burning it on being someone you are not. By constantly shifting your vibration so that you are pleasing or right for the people in the room or the situation you are in, you are wasting such a great amount of energy. Energy you could have use for manifesting your Dream. 

So, this is why I do what I do. 
I want to be me, all me and nothing but me. 
I want to met you, all yu and nothing but you. 
i want to see the vibration of we when we meet. 



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