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Hilaria - Mira Mård

We offer training in spiritual development | Conversations with the Spirit Realm | Ceremonies | Meditations | Studio with shamanic art and handcraft

Each of us should be able to find their own
inner wisdom - the source within.
Be able to fall back on it in everyday life
and use it as a guide in life.
In being here and now.
Steadfast in our own vibration.
My belief is that we will find it together,
around a campfire, where we share wisdom from life.
The experiences that made us who we are today.

We focus on traning in personal and spiritual development.

The goal is always that You should find your way in life and stand in Your power. Trainings are an experience. You do not simply get knowledge when you are a student at Hilaria. You give yourself the opportunity to experience joy, togetherness and tranquility in the arms of Mother Earth.

We offer services for wellbeing for both individuals and groups.

Conversations with the Spirit Realm, ceremonies, meditations, retreats - what ever you choose, you are welcome to our cozy premises at Hilaria in Utsund or to one of our online sessions. We apply pre-booking to all our services.
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New Course! 

Heart 2 Heart Communication

This is a new course with two instuctors.
A Heart 2 Heart Communicator is not just is not just an animal communicator,
but works from the animal's perspective and provides an overall picture of the animal's wishes and needs.