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Mira Mård is a spiritual coach, teatcher, inspirer and author.

Mira Mård is a perspicacious channel for the spirit realm and with her down to earth attitude she is a fierce living artist.
She is steadfast in manifesting her vision and an inspiring channel for the spirit realm. She is an international bestselling author and her book Wisdom of Mother Pinetree is a revelation of how to integrate your spirituality and shamanic lifestyle into your everyday life.

Her life-like courses and individual sessions are life-changing for those who dare to surrender to the transformative process of going back to your roots and fully bloom on the Path of Life. By living her dream instead of dreaming it a grounding vibration fills her essence and surroundings. 

Mira is unique in her field, raised in a shamanic family and managing a legacy of the female line of her ancestors. This makes her authentic and singular in her field. She is also a fierce entrepreneur and CEO of a rapidly growing business with a shamanic leadership.

During her 25 years in the spiritual field she has always been passionate about reintroducing the old ways into the modern world in order to  to bridge the gap that separates the spirit from being and prevents our dreams from coming true.

She works according to a axiom from her female line of ancestors; With people and For people. She has always been in touch with the spirit world and sees that a spirituality in everyday life is one of the keys to feeling whole both in spirit and in body.

I am not alone. 
I am one of many.
I stand with those who has
walked the Path of Life before me. 
I am I .
I am not alone.
I am the Daughter of my Ancestors.

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Celina Mård is our boutique manager, event planner and responsible for social media.

Celina has a background in restaurant and trade.

She has a good eye for adding that little extra when we arrange events at Hilaria in Utsund. Styling and decoration is something that is close to Celina's heart.