Wisdom of Mother Pinetree

A warm welcome to Wisdom of Mother Pinetree, a shaman-inspired education where you search for your roots.

You build your foundation, so that you stand in your power and experience the world with an open mind, open heart and open communication. You find your power and rest in it safely. Together we make a transformative journey, we expand outwards and return home with the parts we have missed in this linear space and time.

The course is divided into 4 weekends, which is not just a course. It is togetherness, joy, insights and aha-experiences. You get the opportunity to meet Mother Earth with new eyes during the many excursions we do together to nearby powerful locations.

In September 2021 we will be able to invite you to an online version of Wisdom of Mother Pinetree. 

Block 1
Back to the Roots

  • Elementhjulet
  • Original vibration
  • Song of your soul
  • The primary circle of power
  • The secondary circle of power
  • Identifying energies
  • Balancing energies
  • The power of the healing herbs
  • Ethics
  • Working methodology
  • Laws & Regulations

Block 2
Incarnational You

  • The wheel of the spirti animals
  • Original vibration advanced
  • Song of your soul advanced
  • The ceremonial cirlcle of power
  • Past lives
  • Transforming energies
  • The vibration of animals
  • The magic of the healing herbs
  • Ethics
  • Working methodology
  • Laws & Regulations

Block 3
The Path to the Holy Fire

  • The power of ceremony
  • The symbols of power
  • Spirit Realm within you
  • Trance communication
  • The power of healing
  • The magic of the healing herbs
  • Ethics
  • Working methodology
  • Laws & Regulations

Block 4
Trummans Urvibration

  • Primordial vibration of the drum
  • Shamanic handcraft
  • Drum (manufacturing)
  • Drumstick (manufacturing)
  • Rattle (manufacturing)
  • Featherfan (manufacturing)
  • Talisman (manufacturing)
  • Ceremonial work
  • Storytelling

Block 5
The Structure of the Spirit Realm &
Energy Theory

  • Spirit Realm
  • The spiritual team
  • Your spirit tree
  • Energy theory
  • To see, feel and interpret energies
  • Chrystals
  • Pendulum

Accommodation & Food

Your stay includes accommodation and vegetarian food and by vegetarian we mean plant-based. All food is prepared from scratch and we primarily serve what is delivered by local farmers or our own garden. We prepare the food so that everyone can eat, so as an allergy sufferer you do not need to keep track of special diets. Report your allergies when registering, and we will take care of the rest!
All our meals are based on the Menu of the Elements according to Mother Pinetree.

Payment and registration information
The course costs SEK 65000/6410/$7810 and we welcome 6 participants/course. Once the course fee has been paid, you have secured your place. You can email your application to [email protected]


Your presence is important, but should you for some reason not be able to attend a course opportunity, get in touch in good time, so that we can find a solution on how you can continue the education in your own group.
The course also includes individual sessions (4x 30min) during the course. Already during the training, you can add mentorship to build your personal niche as a therapist and fulfill your spiritual vision into a brand.