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On-premises installation and configuration – what to expect

We install and configure your trial while working with your staff over a remote session using Zoom, Teams, or an application of your choice. We need 15 minutes of active engagement with an IT resource to install the budgeting database on your SQL server, assign security, and place the application on your network.
After installation, our staff need about 1 hour to complete the system setup. This can be done either with the IT resource if they have time or with the finance team.
During the system setup process, we:
  • Configure the chart of accounts
  • Link to your financials
  • Create a test next year budget
  • Create a test current year forecast
  • Setup a monthly budget vs. actual variance report
  • Setup a budget dashboard with comparisons and variance comments
  • Setup standard reporting categories
  • Setup a custom income statement (if you provide a row format with account mappings)

Common questions about trials

Does it really only take you 1.5 hours to setup a system?

Yes. Typically for 1-5 companies, it will only take about an hour and a half to setup. It might take longer if you have multiple companies with different chart of account structures.

What if we don’t have a test server?

Most of our customers install the trial in their live environment. Dynamic Budgets runs on a read-only service account. The program can not change data or corrupt the ERP database. When a system is live we enable modification permission on one table only to be able to export the budget values back to the ERP. The greatest risk for IT to be concerned with is additional users querying the database. SQL Server and our application each have configurable query limits to prevent long-running queries.

If we like what we see, then what?

If installed in your production environment, you pay for the license, we change the license type behind the scenes to a paid license so it won’t expire and you won’t skip a beat.

If installed in a test environment, you may have the option of migrating the database, copying key elements or starting from scratch (it depends upon whether the test was a mirror of production or if the GL accounts are substantially different from production).

Can the duration of the trial be flexible?

We prefer to install as soon as we can schedule with your IT resources. If that means we can install before the finance team is ready to start the trial (month-end closing, audit, board meeting prep, etc.) we get it. We have been in that position and will gladly adjust the duration, if necessary, to accommodate your needs.
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