Meet our diverse team of talent, who work daily to make the activities of SACC-SF/SV happen!


Mats Andersson

Cecilia Hallgren

Marketing & Business Development​​​​​​​

Juliana Kalling

Event & Membership Services with ​​
​​​​​​​​Web Development
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​[email protected]

Clara Ramshage

Event & Membership Services
​​​​​​​[email protected]

Karin Lindqvist

Marketing & Business Development
​​​​​​​[email protected]


Adrian Millén

Chairman & VP International Business Development at Bank of the West

Marin Aleksov

Founder & CEO of Rosland Capital​​​​​​​

Therése Dalebrant

Project Manager at Business Sweden

Per Karlsson

Director, Media Technology Research at Ericsson & Head of Ericsson Research in Silicon Valley​​​​​​​

Klas Berghede

Secretary & Director of Production and Innovation at The Boldt Company​​​​​​​

Eva Trollsås

Treasurer & Director, HR at PSS Systems​​​​​​​

Lars Johansson

Partner at Burks Johansson​​​​​​​


Catrin Anckarman

Former Executive Director at SACC-SF/SV​​​​​​​

Erik Ekudden

Secretary & Director of Production and Innovation at The Boldt Company​​​​​​​

Denise Persson

CMO at Snowflake Computing

Helena Strigård

Director General at SwedenBIO

Christian Lagerling

Co-Founder & Senior Advisor at
​​​​​​​GP Bullhound

Gunilla Jacobson

Deputy Director, Molecular Imaging Program at Stanford University School of Medicine​​​​​​​

Peter Carlsson

Founder & CEO at Northvolt AB

Adiba Barney

Former CEO of SVForum

Nicolai Wadstrom

Founder & CEO at BootstrapLabs

Jan Uddenfelt

President & CEO at jUTechnology LLC

Nils Welin

Founder & CEO at ProGuard Security Services

Ted Olsson

Secretary & Board Member at Swedish Society of San Francisco