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Nov 13, 2021

Wine Trip & In-House Dinner at West Wines

Photo of West Wines BuildingPhoto of West Wines Building
Nov 14-17, 2021

Nordic-U.S. Food Summit

Abstract background image iwth text "Nordic Food Innovation for a Sustainable Future"Abstract background image iwth text "Nordic Food Innovation for a Sustainable Future"


The Last Steps of Olof Palme

with author & journalist Lars Borgnäs
The SACC-SF/SV had the pleasure to hold a webinar with the Swedish Journalist Lars Borgenäs on November 29, 2020.

Lars Borgenäs has many years of expertise covering the case about the mysterious killing of Olof Palme, the Swedish prime minister was shot in the back by an unknown assailant in Stockholm on February 28 in 1986.

Thomas Erikson

Author of Bestseller "Surrounded by Idiots"
Have you ever tried to argue with your partner, and nothing went as you planned? Or, in confusion, left a meeting with the feeling that you did not understand anyone the room? And have you noticed that some people never seem to hear what you say – no matter how explicit you are?

​​​​​​​Sometimes it seems impossible to be thoroughly understood, and some people seem almost to misunderstand you on purpose.

We are pleased to present Thomas Erikson – the author of the bestseller, Surrounded by Idiots that has sold over 1 million samples.

Lunch & Learning

Boosting the R&D and Innovation Cycle by AI
The R&D and innovation cycle is a typical time and money-intensive process that involves transforming capital into knowledge (R&D) and turning knowledge into capital (innovation) to re-invest in your R&D. Advances in AI have may allow this cycle to become more efficient and data-driven. 

In this event, HP Enterprise, VIA licensing, IPscreener, and VALUENEX shared some thoughts on using AI tools; from improving the ideation and review process to how to transform innovation knowledge into capital.